Oct 20, 2011

Φεστιβάλ Ελληνικού Κινηματογράφου στο Μόντρεαλ

Το Φεστιβάλ Ελληνικού Κινηματογράφου στο Μόντρεαλ επιστρέφει με ένα εξαιρετικό αφιέρωμα που θα ενθουσιάσει τους φίλους της έβδομης τέχνης και του σύγχρονου ελληνικού πολιτισμού. Από τις 28 Οκτωβρίου ως τις 3 Νοεμβρίου, στην πόλη του Μόντρεαλ ( κινηματογράφος Cinéma du Parc) θα προβληθούν ταινίες του διεθνούς φήμης Έλληνα σκηνοθέτη  Παντελή Βούλγαρη, μεταξύ των οποίων και η πρόσφατη μεγάλη κινηματογραφική του επιτυχία "Νύφες".

Στο φεστιβάλ θα τιμηθούν ακόμη ο κορυφαίος μας κωμικός Θανάσης Βέγγος, που έφυγε πρόσφατα από τη ζωή καθώς και ο νομπελίστας ποιητής Γιώργος Σεφέρης. Επίσης θα προβληθεί το ντοκιμαντέρ ''Σεισμός" που αναφέρεται στην καταστροφή της Κεφαλλονιάς από τον Εγκέλαδο στα μέσα του προηγούμενου αιώνα και τον αγώνα των κατοίκων για να ξαναφτιάξουν το νησί και τη ζωή τους.

Διαβάστε περισσότερα στο  κείμενο που ακολουθεί στα αγγλικά:

The Montreal Greek Film Festival is pleased to announce its return with a better than ever 3rd edition of recent and classic Greek cinema.

October 28th to November 3rd, Greece will be put forward at Cinéma du Parc through thematic evenings, special tributes and a unique selection of feature and documentary films.
This year’s programming includes numerous tributes to well appreciate and internationally acclaimed Greek artists. First, Pandelis Voulgaris’s work as an exceptional director will be honored with the screening of three of his best known films, each of them dealing with an important part of recent Greek history: our opening film Brides (Emigration in the 1920’s), Happy Day (The dictatorship) and With Heart and Soul (The civil war). Brides will also be our Opening Night movie, followed by our traditional cocktail at the Press Café, 3501 Park Avenue (250m from the Cinema du Parc). Please see e-invitation attached for Opening Night Cocktail.

We will also take the opportunity to honour one of Greece’s most loved actors who, sadly, passed away earlier this year: Thanasis Veggos, with one of his best known movies: What did you do in the War, Thanasis ? Another tribute will be devoted to one of the most important 20th century Greek poets and Nobel laureate: Georges Seferis, who will be the subject of one of the selected documentaries.
Tuesday night will be dedicated to the Island of Chefalonia and will feature Earthquake, an extraordinary historical documentary about how people in the deepest despair are able to emerge. A wine tasting reception will follow.
The Festival will also be a great occasion to discover Greece’s contemporary cinema with the presentation of two recent films: Wasted Youth and Welcome to all Saints as well as through the cult-classic: Let the Women Wait!

In spite of the economic difficulties it is going through, Greece and its cinema are enjoying a renewed recognition in recent years giving us a humoristic and dramatic look at Greek society, nevertheless remaining sensitive and always intriguing. You are therefore invited to come and celebrate Greek cinema with us.
The Closing Night of the festival will again take place at the historic Rialto Theater with the presentation of the Greek-Israeli co-production My Sweet Canary, tracing the life and career of th ultimate Greek rembetiko singer Roza Eskenazy. The screening will be the film’s North American premiere. There will be food, wine and music performed live by Cirque du Soleil singer and composer Nitza Melas. A little teaser of our exceptional Closing Night film:


Join our official fan page on FB or Follow us on Twitter, visit our website www.montrealgreekfilmfestivalsend an email to your friends and family, and help us spread the word for a celebration of Greek Cinema.

Hope to see you all at the screenings!And remember all films are in Greek with English subtitles, so everyone is invited :)

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